My name is Rituparna Ray Chaudhuri. Google has identified my name separately as an Author, when books self-fabricated both in English Literature and Brit. Today , I like to share a story with you I had experienced.

Life has been changing ever since after the demise of Ma on 7th February, 2019. What to do — What not to do, were few common factors appeared as a daily schedule among the chaotic and indiscipline circumstances.

However, a year had passed. On that day, I was wandering I had inherited a certain kind of knowledge that I could not keep self aloof,and this justifies title of my story. Having my lunch, I had then returned to the vestibule thinking to check some leftover students’ copies. I was not alone to come and sit on the hanging chair, alongside me, as usual, was our another pet dog, Miss Xena, a female German Shepherd. Well, turning leaf of a journal, herein I guessed on darkness : ‘Life is The Royal Tempest…’

It could be well identified with the quote : “Thunder is good/ Thunder is beautiful : But it is lightening that does the work.’’ This was a matter of story happened yesterday : our servant, with once her huge claim on salary with her pride-voice working to at least 20 houses a day, came to our house in a pensive state of mind and said to my father on her vacant voice that she had at present to be remained with only four houses to work at. Her eyes were, thus, filled with tears: “once laughter suddenly changed now into bridal tear”.

We had another known servant whom my father had asked to come in our house and to take care of household matters. She didn’t bother even to illustrate her views to my father. After a week on a certain day, she came very casually to my father and said that she wanted to work at our house. My father said: “You can go, we have kept another servant for cooking.”

Just on a previous day, a servant was approved, however, to take care of only cooking. Next day, when the servant came again to cook, the elder-person of the family said, ‘Your words on money is so high. No doubt you are good, but please try a little bit to reduce the huge amount of money for two members only in the home .”

The servant incoherently said ‘no…’ She shrewdly continued her words on threading, ‘I can’t reduce the amount from what I had demanded. You are bound to pay the amount to me that includes the cost of the journey every day from my home to your home.’ My father, then and then asked the servant to leave her job on the first day of the month. I asked my father very emotionally he could give her a chance when, he said, “Know the harsh reality of this commercial world from both sides.” — -


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Rituparna Ray Chaudhuri

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